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Leaders in Power Quality Engineering


Power Quality analysis and data logging

Record and analyze all power quality aspects of the facility. Highly recommended for customers with sensitive equipment. 


Nuisance tripping and machine malfunction

Determine the power quality issue causing machine malfunction.  

Motor failure issues

Using power quality data, we can provide customers with a service factor rating for large motors. Critical in industrial electric motor applications. 

Power factor analysis

Inrush/peak MVA analysis for reduction of demand charge and peak billing demand. 

Transient analysis

VFDs, ASDs, Lightning Strikes

Generator and Co-Gen issues

Power quality studies at customer facilities with multiple points of generation are essential for maintaining plant stability and usable power.  We support all types of operations from load bank testing generators to the commissioning of prime generators.  

Power Quality analysis and data logging

Voltage, Current, Harmonics, Power, VARs, sags/swells and transient up to 2MHz. 


Facility-wide energy audit

Determine prime energy users, check power factor throughout your facility and know your exact load centers. 

Motor start failure analysis
Power factor analysis
Voltage-Current Unbalance
Voltage-Current sag/swell disturbances
Transient analysis

VFDs, ASDs, Lightning Strikes

Site-specific ground resistance testing

2,3 and 4 point tests at multiple frequencies and depth.


We solve many difficult and abnormal power quality issues.  If you have a unique electrical situation or issue contact us.  Unique issues are our specialty. 

Renewable Energy
Grid-scale power quality audit 

​Regulatory Compliance reports for prime generators. Gas turbine co-gens to full-scale solar farms we can provide the data required by regulators and town officials. 


Solar and wind distributed generation audit

Pre and post-installation audits which focus on grid stability with a focus on voltage, harmonics and frequency.

Micro grid and DG commissioning

The most important aspect of a new DG installation is the commissioning and compliance within both local authority and ANSI standards.  Measuring the impact a DG installation requires Class A power quality monitoring and experienced engineers to evaluate the data. NE Power Quality is proud to bring these services to New England. 


Troubleshooting and customer issues

We specialize in dealing with unique power quality issues that may arise in todays complex electrical grid.  Please contact us with your unique issue or request. 


Long term data logging of all power quality parameters 
  • Voltage

  • Current

  • Harmonics (up to 50th harmonic)

  •  Power (real, complex)

  • Voltage sags/swells 

  • Transient capture up to 2MHz can all be instantaneously logged via our power quality equipment.

Equipment malfunction audit

Grid-tied equipment such as reclosers, capacitors, breakers, and fuses can all malfunction and cause power quality issues to customers.  Often times these issues are elusive; dependent on whether or certain conditions.  A power quality audit on a specific circuit or customer location will document the exact time and type of event.  Information such as magnitude, duration, and type of fault can be determined.


Stray voltage

Customers experiencing shocks in their pools or homes could be a victim of stray voltage. We specialize in determining the source of stray voltage and provide solutions for these complex and dangerous issues. 

Blue water 

Electrical current leakage (AC and DC) through pipes and house items can be recorded and rectified utilizing our state of the art equipment. 

Power Quality analysis and datalogging

Voltage, Current, Harmonics, Power, VARs, sags/swells and transient up to 2MHz. 


Energy usage audit 

Verify actual usage

Billing audits

Load evaluation and failing equipment evaluation


Flicker analysis

Determine the cause of flicker

Generator power quality evaluation

Provide power analysis on stand-alone "island" mode and grid-tie mode. 

Solar installation audits

Pre and post-installation audit to ensure that the system is performing correctly. 

Special Studies:
Bluewater investigations

Determine if any neutral current exists on the water pipes. Both AC and DC analysis is required.


We solve many difficult and abnormal power quality issues.  If you have a unique electrical situation or issue contact us.  Unique issues are our specialty. 


Equipment Rental

We offer top of line IEC 61000-4-3 Class A power quality monitors for our power quality savvy customers. 


Rent the industries best class A power quality monitors with your choice of CT configurations.  We offer the lowest rental prices in the U.S.  Contact us for a specific configuration quote. ​   

  • Hioki 3198 Spec. Sheet:

  • Hioki 3197 Spec. Sheet:

  • Fluke 1743 Waterproof Power Logger Spec Sheet:

Equipment Rental


New England Power Quality is comprised of a small team of Electrical Engineers and licensed electricians with vast experience in power system engineering.  Our team of experts brings over 60 years of combined experience in power system design, relaying and power quality.  We strive to provide an educational experience while we work on solving your problems.  We believe that educating our customers with our in-depth knowledge allows us to provide the absolute best power quality service.  


We are always looking for new and unique challenges so contact us today with your questions.




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